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Create Upstate '17

Do things that scare you.

That seems to be a recurring theme lately…I don’t realize that I’m agreeing to doing that “thing”, but I say YES before I have time to think about what I’m getting myself into.

It’s been a few months since Create Upstate. I signed up for Cropped, a crazy competition meant to test our analog skills…and our anxiety levels. Each phase lasted only 20 minutes and took place during the conference’s after parties, in front of hundreds of other design professionals from across the region. No pressure!

There were 16 teams of 2. Juan Diaz, my good friend from college, trekked all the way from Brooklyn, NY to be my Cropped partner. Together we were… “Not Juan but Two!

Phase 1

Create a rock band logo from your team name. A sheet of paper, a pencil, markers, and 20 minutes.  



-CROPPED from 16 teams to 8-


Phase 2

We were given scissors, paper, a glue stick, and another 20 minutes on the clock to design a letter.


-CROPPED from 8 teams to 4-


Phase 3

This took place on the last night of the conference. Candy was our material for this one. We got stuck with Twizzlers, but we made it work.




Even though we got cropped, we put up a good fight. I never thought I would sign up for one of these things, but after all, the best way to overcome a fear is through exposure, right?

Do one thing a day that scares you. 

Create Upstate recap video I made for Iron Design's social media.

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