Ana Juan-Gomez



After another flight to Brussels and a few confusing train rides, I’VE MADE IT TO LIEGE!

I’m staying with one of my good friends that I met the year that I was studying Translation in Salamanca, Spain. Here is Europe, students are given the opportunity to study in the country of their choice during either a semester or a full year. My friend, Bea, chose to complete her Erasmus in Liège…or Luik in Dutch, or Lüttich in German…(you can just imagine how confused I was standing at the train station in Bruxelles, trying to find my way in a country that speaks so many languages).

Bea had class in the afternoon, so I roamed around the area and found an official Carlsberg bar (my number one beer of choice when I was living in London...Don't judge me, it’s cheap!) When Bea got out of class, she showed me around Liège some more. I even got to try a real Belgian waffle (“gauffre” en français).

Bea is rooming with a Spanish girl (Elisa) and an Italian (Flami), but they speak French in the apartment. When we are all together, it is a HUGE jumble of languages!! I begged Flami to only speak to me in Italian, Elisa in French, and Bea speaks to me in English to practice. On the other hand, I respond to Flami in Italian, to Bea in Spanglish (representing Miami of course), and to Elisa in a mix of everything! 

This is why I love being away from home. It revives me in every way. Stepping away from routine is important to me. It reminds me that the world around you keeps racing while you sometimes get stuck worrying about the little things.