Ana Juan-Gomez


Miami to Belgium

So since I am going to be having a hectic next couple of months, I’ve decided to hop on the blog bandwagon and record my daily adventures!

I finished my last final on Wednesday and have spent the last few days back home in Miami. I went to Wynwood for the opening of an exhibition in the Locust Projects gallery. Right around the corner was this random structure of left-over pieces of a building. Of course, with my obsession with all things in ruin, it was the perfect photo opportunity. After that, I walked around a few blocks of Wynwood. If you haven’t checked out the Wynwood walls, it should be on the top of your list on your next visit to Miami. There are crazy talented artists that display their work on a huge scale, and don’t get enough recognition for it in my opinion.

For dinner, I went to a tiny hole-in-the-wall restaurant called KUSH. It’s known for their huge assortment of draft beers. I went for the “Wynwood rotating” which was Grand Pop's Imperial Porter that night. I also tried alligator for the first time (shocker for someone that's grown up so close to the Everglades)! I highly recommend this place if you want to get away from chain restaurants and experience a more local spot in one of the grittiest, most artsy parts of Miami.

Oh and the bathroom was amazing!! There was a lot of cool lettering.

Today I’m flying to Belgium, with a lay-over in London. I am currently in a café/bar called Giraffe in the London Heathrow airport. Is it bad that I stopped for coffee at this place solely based on its branding? Well, maybe also because I love giraffes!

Being at this airport brings back so many memories. Last time I was here (around this time last summer), it was my first time in London and honestly, I was scared shit-less. It was a good idea in theory (the whole traveling to London by yourself to find a job kind of thing)…but when you find yourself actually in the situation and realize that you are completely alone with no one in the country to trust, with no set plans and have no idea how long you’ll be jobless, or where you will be staying, if you’ll find yourself in danger at any point, etc…it’s pretty scary. But as it turns out, it happened to be the best thing I’ve ever done. It was absolutely the most challenging, I’m not going to lie, but in the end, I enjoy that feeling of uneasiness. I like to push myself to do things that at one point I thought were impossible. I prove to myself that I can do anything!